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How PEs can survive unexpected events and thrive beyond them.
Are your processes for managing external legal spend the most efficient?
Using technology to improve client / law firm relationships for successes in M&A.

Listen to Episode 7 of Legally Vocal with PE heavyweight Phil Sanderson.
From surviving to thriving: why data will be golden for today’s business success stories. Register now.
Research: Coming soon
Comprehensive independent research into the opportunities and challenges of managing external legal fees in the US and UK investment world.

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We are building stronger connections within your industry, supporting every day working and providing insights and guidance to ensure firms in the UK, US and globally can get on with business.

In-house teams like yours can:
  • Find new ways to connect and collaborate when operations are decentralised.
  • Maintain absolute control and clarity day-to-day.
  • Form stronger virtual networks.
  • Make post-Covid business plans and preparation to emerge stronger

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