Apperio for Private Equity firms

Legal spend analytics and matter tracking for legal, deal and operating teams. Get consistent, up-to-date information on all in-progress and billed legal matters, at every stage of your fund’s lifecycle.

Apperio uniquely connects with law firms’ practice management systems to help PE firms:

Manage large matters and projects.
Prevent costs associated with fundraising and M&A activity from spiralling by staying on top of work in progress matters, from multiple firms, in a single source of truth.

Manage law firm behaviours and KPIs.
Gain valuable insight on how law firms are performing against agreed KPIs and behaviours with Apperio’s real-time visibility of time entries.

Report, budget and forecast for legal spend effectively.
Understand current and historic legal spend across all your law firms by using Apperio to carry out day-to-day forecasting and accurately budget for future expenditure.

Achieve deep cost savings from strategic, long-term change.
Analyse historic spending patterns and drive long-term cost savings from your in-house and portfolio legal departments.

Improve auditing and regulatory compliance.
Reduce your reliance on manual spreadsheets with an automated, fully auditable breakdown of your legal spend from all connected law firms.

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