About Apperio

Apperio is a legal spend analytics and matter tracking platform providing in-house finance and legal teams with consistent, up-to-date information on all in-progress and billed matters.

Our platform helps clients to:

  • Analyse and manage legal spend across multiple law firms
    Gain valuable insight on how law firms are performing against agreed KPIs and behaviours with Apperio’s real-time visibility of time entries, aggregated from law firms’ practice management systems.

  • Report, budget and forecast for legal spend effectively
    Understand current and historic legal spend across all law firms by using Apperio to carry out day-to-day forecasting and accurately budget for future expenditure
  • Achieve deep cost savings from strategic, long-term change
    Apperio provides the data to analyse historic spending patterns and drive long-term cost savings from the legal department.
  • Manage large matters and projects
    Prevent costs from spiralling on large projects and consolidate all matters from multiple firms in a single data source.
  • Comply with auditing and regulatory requirements
    Apperio provides a fully auditable breakdown of your legal spend from all connected law firms.

Unlike eBilling, which only provides visibility of matters that have been invoiced, often with a lag of several months, Apperio provides instant visibility of both historic and unbilled legal spend data.

Apperio is a unique collaborative tool for businesses and law firms. Get in touch today to find out how Apperio could help transform legal spend management in your company.

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