Apperio for in-house counsel

Legal spend analytics and proactive matter tracking for in-house legal teams.

Gain clarity of your legal spend to manage law firms and large projects, optimise the efficiency of your team and eliminate bill shock and invoice disputes - all in one place.

The Apperio platform uniquely receives data from law firms’ practice management systems to provide legal, finance and operations teams with a single system of reference for accrued and invoiced legal spend. Apperio allows clients to:

Achieve deep cost savings from strategic, long-term change.
Analyse accrued spend data to identify historic spending patterns and drive long-term cost savings from your legal department.

Forecast, budget for and report on spend.
Understand your current and historic spending patterns across law firms to accurately forecast and budget for future expenditure.

Improve the efficiency of law firm spend.
Gain actionable insights into how your law firms are performing against agreed KPI and how your outsourced legal work is progressing.

Manage the cost, scope and progress of large matters and projects.
Consolidate and manage large ongoing projects to prevent them from spiralling out of control with unexpected costs and budget overruns.

Improve spend transparency for auditing and regulatory compliance.
Safeguard regulatory compliance with access to a fully auditable breakdown of your legal spend from all connected law firms.

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