Strategic guide to strong panel design

Everything you need to know about strong panel design

A panel review is not a rite of passage – we do it to create value. The key to success is a partnership between GCs and their law firms: all parties should have something to gain from the negotiation. But this will not happen without insight, gained through a systematic, data-driven approach.

We gathered insights from the experiences of our clients and partner law firms alike, to find out how they use real-time data to progressively mature their visibility and understanding of their panels, including reviews.

What's in the guide?

  • The 5 step process you can apply throughout your panel review cycle to ensure better panel review decisions
  • Network Rail's success story of how they transformed their external legal panel through the use of data
  • The 10 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you can use to track your legal panel's performance

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Bringing complete control to in-house legal spend

Network Rail has halved the size of its external legal panel, obtained more competitive bids for work and identified inhouse areas for savings. A key element of the programme has been Apperio’s contribution in creating full visibility of exactly where its legal spend was going, and on what matters.

Dan Kayne, GC (Regions)
Network Rail

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